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Trueforma Power Fuel Whey with Creatine, Ashwagandha & Schisandra Extract

India’s 1st Whey Protein with Ashwagandha, Schisandra Extract & Creatine all together! Trueforma Power Fuel Whey is best advisable for hard gainers.¬†Formulated to improve muscle size, performance & strength when used in conjunction with an exercise program.

  • 24 Grams Protein Per Serving
  • Ashwagandha, Schisandra Extract & 3 Grams Protein Creatine
  • 100% Purity Guaranteed with No Adulteration
  • Comes in tasty Strawberry Blast & Chocolate Caramel Flavor.




Additional information

Whey Flavour

Chocolate Caramel, Strawberry Blast


1 KG, 2 KG

Trueforma Power Fuel Whey is a first unique & tri-innovation formula with Creatine, Ashwagandha & Schisandra Extracts. Creatine is well known to improve strength by replenishing ATP stores, recover quickly & increase lean muscle mass! Where as Ashwagandha an adaptogen reduce cortisol levels, improves natural tendency to increase more Testosterone in male body & improves brain function. Schisandra Berry Extracts has big list of advantages from boosting energy at cellular level, boosting body immunity to fight infections, regulating sleep cycle & act as anti hepatotoxin (Protecting liver from several toxins & improving liver health).


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