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Terro Labz Multi Testo Minerals 120 Units (Tablets)

  • Clinically Dosed Multivitamin Specturm
  • Boosts Natural Testosterone
  • Added Minerals
  • Supports Rejuvenation Of Skin, Hair And Nails



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Terror Labz Multi Testo minerals

Super Formulation of Multivitamin and Test Booster

Terror Labz Multi Testo Minerals is a complete Performance Enhancing Vitamin, Herbal, and Mineral Complex specially formulated for athletes and others who lead an active lifestyle. This formula is loaded with essential vitamins, which fulfills your daily requirements for vitamins and include a mineral complex as well as a testosterone-boosting herbal complex.

Some of the many benefits you will have by adding Terror labz Multi Testo Minerals into your daily routine are-

  • Supports Active lifestyle
  • Increased performance¬†
  • Testosterone and Libido enhancement
  • Helps in recovery¬†
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