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Bull Pharm Andrabol Gaining & Testosterone Booster- 30 Tablets

  • 2X Greater Improvement in Muscle Endurance
  • 4X Greater Improvement in Muscle Size
  • 5.6X Greater Improvement in Upper Body Strength
  • 5X Greater Improvement in Lower Body Strength



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Safe, Powerful and Effective – Androbol acts as a natural anabolic enhancer that builds high density muscles, helps build strength and lean muscle. More importantly, it can give you back the confidence you need for better physical and mental performance at work, at home, and the GYM. This exclusive, premium formula helps to maximize your workouts so you can grind through any plateau you hit and build that buff, shredded physique you have always dreamed of, without the use of dangerous stimulants. With that added pump comes a boost in testosterone levels, which can result in larger, more dense muscles, less belly fat and higher energy levels.

Directions: As a dietary supplement ,taka 1 caplet on an Empty stomach. This is complete natural muscle builder,requires no pct. Store in cool and dry place.

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